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Angry Birds 2


Updated : December 13, 2021

Version :2.59.3


Developer : Rovio Entertainment Corporation

Edit Notes
Angry Birds 2 is a casual puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. and released at the end of July 2015. It is available on iOS, Android, UWP, and Windows platforms. To take revenge on the fat pigs who stole the birds' eggs, the birds use their own bodies as weapons, using slingshots to catapult themselves out and transform into cannonballs to attack the fortresses of the fat pigs, the game is full of easy rhythm. Join millions of players from all over the world, flick the birds, stop the pigs, break through the almost endless number of challenges and destroy them all the way. Challenge other players in the arena or team up with your friends in your family to complete epic challenges together! Angry Birds 2 is a worldwide popular slingshot game, the game uses a unique style of graphics, there are many cartoon birds waiting for your choice, put the birds on the slingshot to launch to destroy pigs, using a limited number of birds to destroy all to successfully complete the level challenge. This is a very good classic fun game. In this very good and exciting fun game, which will bring you the most wonderful and extraordinary exclusive game challenge, the whole unique and extraordinary game world will let you experience the most exciting and stimulating adventure game. There are many levels waiting for you to challenge. You have to destroy the abominable boars by launching the cute birds. These boars will steal your bird eggs, so you have to destroy them cleanly while you can upgrade your bird.


Developer Notes
Angry Birds 2 is a very beautiful and casual game. The game retains the cartoon style and humorous music, and adds 15 new game levels. In addition, it will include two new game themed scenes and more skilled bird types for players to challenge. There are 3D engine with super clear and dynamic scenes and random level challenges. Angry Birds 2 opens a new era of slingshots! Game features 1.Global synchronization, take over the summer! Angry Birds 2 is a new sequel game to the biggest game ever, Angry Birds! The dazzling game graphics, challenging multi-stage levels, cunning boss-level piggies, and stronger and bigger killing power will once again set off a global slingshot game storm! 2.New characters, free to choose to fight. Silver bird will use the air rotation and then vertical drop flight method to produce a powerful impact, especially good at dealing with those pigs hidden inside buildings. The order of the birds in the battle is no longer fixed, players can randomly select birds to attack, so as to achieve their different attack strategies. 3.3D engine to build, ultra-clear dynamic scene. Angry Birds 2 incorporates dynamic scenes of tree shaking and flower swinging, wind, clouds, thunder and lightning, special light and shadow. Piggy Island has never had such stunning scenes, allowing players to experience the feeling of immersion. New blizzard, chili pepper, golden duck duck and other cool magic to help you fight against the pigs! 4.Random level challenges. In order to be able to take your bird eggs for themselves, they will do everything possible. The various random levels not only include multi-stage battle mode, but are also full of unknown organs and traps, so use the map organs to blast your way to defeat the boss-level pigs! 5.Universal competition, dominate the scoreboard. In the arena, you can show off your achievement and compete with all the players in the whole service to see who is the most famous player in the world. There are new tournaments to play every day and you will be rewarded with feathers according to your ranking. Game advantages 1.Players can use a variety of different magic cards to fight, making your battle easier. 2. Players can challenge different players in the game, come to the arena for your game adventure, enjoy a variety of disturbing tournament play and win more game props and rewards. 3. The most free gameplay. The trajectory of all the birds launched is decided on you. Here players can control the angle and intensity to find the best shooting point to launch your birds.
How to play
Angry Birds 2 inherits the simple and interesting touch screen way to play. 1、One finger press and hold the slingshot on the left side of the screen to pull → adjust the launch angle → release to eject the bird, pulling backwards will undo. 2、Click anywhere on the screen when the bird is flying in the air to trigger the bird's skills. Eject angle and strength by your finger to control, the timing of the release of skills is also controlled by you. Be careful to consider the strength, angle, skill release in order to more accurately hit the pig's head. The ejected bird will leave an ejection trajectory, which can be adjusted for reference angle on and strength. In addition, the fewer birds used in each level, the higher the rating will be.

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