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Updated : December 9, 2021

Version :1.2.2


Developer : Feral Interactive

Edit Notes
Alien: Isolation is a horror action game published by SEGA. This game is adapted from the movie of the same name, with a high degree of restoration of the original. The picture quality is naturally much better than the 1979 movie, the character model is excellent, the modeling of the alien is also very fine and perfect restoration, excellent light and shadow effects, is a rare high quality horror game. The sound in this game is very good, personal terminals, code door sound effects are perfectly restored to the content of the film, and the game's sound effects rendered very well, the sound of the wind overhead, the sound from the far distant, the alien frontal impact of the panic sound effects, as if it is a metal rip roar, can definitely make many players scared out of their wits. The biggest highlight of the game is the gameplay, unlike most horror games, demons and monsters are in a fixed place at a fixed time, while the aliens in this game are random, the player does not know when to suddenly appear, but only to search for materials with fear. In general, this horror story in space is a good interpretation of what is called a real horror game. It is the best horror game in science fiction games, and it is the best science fiction game in the field of horror games, it is very interesting.


Developer Notes
Alien Isolation is a first-person shooter made by Creative Assembly, players can play Amanda Ripley in this game, she will be back to her mother's ship, to explore the secrets of the ship, come and try it! Game features 1.The most intense space survival game which has provided free mobile version of the game. 2.Explore the rich and nuanced game environment, from abandoned space ships to desolate planets. 3.Scary environments: watch out for every shadow, you never know what's lurking in the shadows. 4.Overcome terrifying challenges in detailed and vivid graphics and immersive levels. 5.Use a variety of weapons to fight back, destroy and dismember enemies. Game review Alien: Isolation is a classic horror game of the last generation. The game strikes the perfect balance between oppression and counterattack, as the player can't outrun the alien and can only avoid it or repel it with a flamethrower, which has limited fuel and can't kill the alien. Enemies are not the only aliens, frenzied humans and malfunctioning robots are potential threats, in the process of fighting them, too much noise will also attract the aliens. It is the best way to go when encounter aliens, especially in the late appearance of more than one alien, but also must use the gun to kill the it, fear and pressure are more than other horror games. The plot is a continuation of the world view of the film, but also to make up for the series of fans delayed waiting for the film sequel regret. Highly recommended to players who like horror games.
How to play
First of all, remember not to fight with the aliens. The game has a large number of enemies waiting for you. In general, it's better to bypass these enemies than to fight with them. Even if you think there are not many aliens around, you do not have much chance of winning more than two aliens. Instead, there will always be a way for you to go around. Secondly, remember to look for places to hide before entering a room. While moving forward, don't forget to search for places that can be hidden. These places may be the result of the game's design, but it helps to be conscious of the search. When you enter a new house, see if you can hide under the table and if the door has a lock. Look for these places will sometimes save your life, in the face of the sudden appearance of aliens you at least have a place to hide. Again, you always pay attention to the movement of the alien. Don't let it out of your sight. Of course sometimes they are out of sight, so this is too easy to do. But remember, once you see it, let it stay within your line of sight. This doesn't mean you have to walk out and stare at it, but if you can be clever, you can keep it in your line of sight while actually walking on the opposite side of the road. When you are familiar with the game, you can easily deal with it. Finally, if you have to meet with the alien, you have to face it bravely. The best tool to deal with the alien may still be the flamethrower.

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