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AFK Arena


Updated : December 29, 2021

Version :1.79.02


Developer : LilithGames

Edit Notes
AFK Arena is another masterpiece of LilithGames. AFK Arena is a relaxing and strategic game with a western fantasy background. In the game, players can collect heroes of seven races, upgrade their levels and ranks, build a team of heroes of their own, and try out various combinations of lineups to challenge various copies using strategic settings such as hero bonding, racial restraint, formation settings, and skill combinations. In AFK Arena, players will embark on a fantasy journey with players from all over the world to seize the artifacts created by the ancient gods from the hands of the demon knights and fight against the evil enemies who want to destroy the continent of Isomia. AFK Arena takes place in the world of Isomia, a medieval magical world of war and chaos. This world is rich in humanities and has a variety of intelligent species. Unlike most stories narrated from a fixed perspective, AFK Arena takes each hero as a point-of-view character to show the world, trying to draw an intricate and magnificent heroic portrait.


Developer Notes
AFK Arena is a role-playing card game, players will choose a variety of great masters for their team, using their favorite characters to complete the battle, collect all kinds of weapons and props to train your favorite members, they will compete for more resources and territory in the continent of Esperia, show your own powerful side. There are a lot of gameplay, all kinds of wonderful duel test will be shown for you! Game features 1. Epic quality hero cards Inspired by Celtic mythology, the heroes' images are like the illustrations in the epic ancient books. Card decorative details are race-specific customization. 2. Casual placement gameplay In AFK Arena, without subtle operation, hero skills will be automatic released, hanging machine can harvest resources. You can experience this epic journey of magic only in ten minutes a day. 3. Labyrinth copy of the treasure at any time to play The labyrinth gameplay with Rogue-like elements and the reward-filled copy of the top of time are always available when you want to play and open anytime. 4. Team challenge arena You can form alliances with friends across alliances and challenge guild bosses together. Game advantages 1.It has various scenes and maps, you can collect all kinds of materials and characters you want. 2.A variety of areas will be subject to other opponents, you can obtain resources to develop themselves. 3.Collect a variety of favorite hero characters, you can fight better with a variety of abilities and skills. Game highlights 1. Simple game mechanics can make you fast to get started, players have to arrange the lineup reasonably in the game. 2. It has new 3D game graphics, in the game players choose their favorite role to start the adventure challenge. 3. The rich and varied game difficulty, where you will get a special ability to start the game, and then constantly unlock new skills.
How to play
1. Push level play Players get rich rewards and go to the next level by defeating the elite monsters at the bottom of the level. There are 34 chapters in the main line, with unlimited levels in each chapter and increasing difficulty in turn. The first time you pass a level, you can get a one-time reward of gold, props and equipment, and increase the hang-up gain. 2. Tower of Throne Players challenge the enemies on the current level to get rewards, and then climb up a level to challenge more powerful enemies and win more lucrative rewards. There are 550 levels of the Tower of the Throne. 3. Otherworldly Labyrinth Players can choose different forks in the maze, trigger different events, challenge different enemies, and get mysterious treasures. 4. Arena Players can match other players with similar strengths in the Arena, defeat them to gain points.

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