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ASMR Tippy Toe


Updated : October 8, 2021

Version :0.8.28


Developer : TapNation


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Edit Notes

repare for the best shoe smashing game you’ve ever played ! Tippy Toe is a fun shoe smashing run game where you smash and step on a crazy variety of objects: hamburgers, food, Fidgets pop it, cakes... each object brings its own satisfaction and cool sounds ! Be aware of the traps along the way and avoid the dangerous objects scattered across your path such as bananas, poop, rakes... Hold to bring your foot forward and release to step it down and enjoy the satisfying ASMR sounds of squishing the objects.

Pop the fidgets !

Enjoy the bonus prize objects scattered across the path and earn money and gold to customize your character and create your own style of fashion.

Walk down the red carpet with your fancy style, cool looking shoes, dress, skirts, tattoos, hair style... We have all types of style for everyone in our shop, there’s even very popular shoes that you might wear everyday!

And don’t forget to travel the world in the many destinations included in the game : walk down the streets of Los Angeles, smash street food between the buildings of New York City, journey across the dunes of Egypt, and in the neon skyline of Tokyo, in the cat populated metropolitan of Istanbul, the canals of Amsterdam...

Each destination has its own set of items and objects, and satisfying ASMR sounds. It’s like you’re really there ! And you can also enjoy epic destruction levels : play as Godzilla or King Kong as you rampage through the city, destroy buildings and create explosions. We have everything for everyone !

So now get ready and come smash funny ASMR items in this fun run satisfying game !

DEveloper Notes

"Tippy Toe" is a free casual game released by TapNation, a foreign game company, with toe stomping as the background of decompression. Players in the game as an experienced stomp artist, in a variety of countries in different scenes to stomp on a variety of props, avoiding a variety of dangerous items. The game also provides the character with a rich variety of clothing, issue and other equipment, and provides the world famous cities such as New York, Paris, Dubai, Los Angeles and so on for players to visit.

Tippy Toe is a very fun casual parkour game with fun gameplay in which players need to control your character to avoid various traps and obstacles in the levels so that your character can successfully reach the end, and after reaching the end there will be very rich rewards, players can use the rewards to buy more good-looking skin oh.

Game features.

1, Rich props, simple and easy to learn how to play, small props can also bring a lot of joy to the player.

2, The game mode requires players to find their own exploration, there are hidden breakthrough links, successful breakthroughs and unexpected surprises.

3, The game's graphics are also very classic, cute pet animation shape, it is worth the player to try.


Game Highlights

Tippy Toe" is a mobile game with the background of stamping and decompression, the background of the game is set in the real world, the player controls the character by stamping on various props to gain revenue, and at the same time to avoid various crises from the level, a good sense of operation, simple game experience, rich stamping props, realistic game details, will bring players a relaxed and comfortable game feeling.

Screen Scene

The graphics of Tippy Toe also adopt a relatively rough art style. In the presentation of colors, rich colors, bright combinations and full view bring players a full visual experience. In the styling of characters and props, however, it presents a relatively realistic and delicate feeling, and leads players into a hearty game world under the style of distinctive costumes and colorful color matching.

How to play

The gameplay of Tippy Toe is simpler and faster than it looks. Players need to step on various plastic, cakes, buildings, insects, food and other objects during the whole process from the beginning to the end of each level, while avoiding various traps and crises such as traps and nails. Powerful balance and stability for the player's forward to provide an effective benefit, so that players do not need to overly concerned about the left and right foot imbalance, thus and the answer to reduce the difficulty of the game, to improve the player's casual stress relief experience.

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