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  • Arknights
  • Arknights is a strategy-oriented real-time strategy game developed and operated independently by Eagle Point Network, which was publicly tested on May 1, 2019. In the game, players will act as the leader of Rhode Island, "Doctor", leading a group of Rhode Island cadres to rescue people in distress, deal with ore disputes and fight against other for...
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  • The Escapist 2 Pocket Breakout
  • The Escapist 2 Pocket Breakout is a second-generation masterpiece following the "Escapist" series of products, which is led by jailbreak escape gameplay. In this pixel world, player will take a role of an escapist. According to the discovery of safe passage to escape this secret cell, each kind of escapee character role has its own distinctive prof...
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  • Pokémon UNITE
  • Pokemon unite is a competitive combat game, let you seriously play the combat feel, unique charm of the time, always let you feel exciting, the perfect skills believe that many players in this is to get the most addictive enjoyment, special effects are also very powerful, as long as you can be skilled enough, eventually are able to meet to your ...

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  • Human:Fall Flat
  • HumanFall Flat is a casual puzzle action game. The gameplay is very simple, and the characters in the game are very localized and distinctive, and both the character shapes and the game graphics are extremely detailed, bringing you a different kind of gaming experience! The game focuses on the use of advanced physics and innovative controls to c...

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  • Bloons TD 6
  • The familiar balloon tower defense game is back, and it's more fun than ever! Come to play this massive 3D tower defense game now, the best strategy game experience awaits you. Make full use of the various monkey towers, upgrades, heroes and skills to build the perfect defense line and break every balloon that appears. More updates to come! We're...
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  • Pull the Pin
  • Pull the pin is a very easy to play and very casual fun breakout game, the game contains a variety of game levels, a variety of colorful balls are placed in the different shapes of the bottle, the player has to do is to open these valves, so that these small balls can quickly fall. Pull the pin is a mobile game that focuses on fun and casual gamepl...
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  • The Room
  • The Room" is a very popular puzzle adventure game, using 3D elements to design the game content and graphics, with a fantasy adventure style to present the game scene screen, designed with a lot of maze adventure elements, a variety of organs and traps, and you can not think of a conspiracy and a variety of models, visually more due to the ...

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  • Five Nights at Freddy's 2
  • Five Nights in the Teddy Bear's Harem 2 is an action-adventure game that focuses on horror and creates a great atmosphere in the game! The main character is is a pizza store monitoring security, this store in order to attract children and get a lot of teddy bears, in fact, these humanoid dolls under the holster is AI robot, the player has to...

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  • MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game
  • The money, the dice, a map of random events, all that things can make many people willing to indulge in it, not as a million dollar account or not to lose all bankruptcy will not stop. Obviously are doing repeated things, but for four or five hours in a row can not be decided; obviously the boy is dying, you live in his hotel for a night he came b...
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