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  • True Skate
  • True Skate is an extreme game produced by True Axis, the game's graphics are very outstanding, in the powerful 3D technology, the game scene in detail to deal with the real, and the operation is also like the developer initially promised, very easy to get started, players can easily, like "360flip "Smash", "kickflip" and other skateboarding cool tr...
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  • Royal Match
  • Let's play the game of elimination! Royal Match is a simple but challenging game with a lot of levels, just like traditional elimination games, where each level is limited in steps. You will love this game! Royal Race is a casual game with very detailed graphics and rich contents. Players just entering the game can follow the different tasks req...
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  • Ultimate Custom Night
  • Ultimate Custom Night is a very good game, suspense and horror atmosphere are great, when you first play look at the painting style and the beginning of the feeling is not like suspense games, but after a big contrast, this game uses a very realistic game graphics design, can put the player into the game, realistic experience the game of fear, a...

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  • Hair Challenge
  • Hair Challenge is a recent super hot parkour breakthrough game, the game will play a beautiful girl parkour breakthrough, first of all, the game has a lot of props in the process to provide us with the use of props to eat to make our hair longer, try to increase to how long it!

    A very interesting casual game to dodge and parkour as the cor...

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