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  • Township
  • Dream Town offers a unique combination of city building and farm management! Harvest crops, process them in factories, and sell the goods to keep growing your town. Trade with distant islands. Open restaurants, movie theaters and other community buildings to give your town a unique flavor and life. Explore the mines, get energy and find antiques...
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  • Evony: The King's Return
  • Evony: The King's Return is a war strategy game developed by TOP GAMES. The game is based on the background of ancient national wars, players can choose 7 different styles of buildings, America, China, Europe, Russia, Korea, Japan, Arabia! Players can build their own empires, train powerful armies, protect the city and people, and fight for honor. ...
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  • Candy Crush Soda Saga
  • Candy Soda Saga is completely free to play, but some in-game props such as extra move steps or extra lives need to be purchased before they can be used. Candy Soda Saga follows the classic elimination style of the Candy Saga franchise with the addition of soda pop, candy bears, cupcakes, chocolate and newer candy elimination combinations. There ar...
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  • Gardenscapes
  • Gardenscapes is an adventure and gardening simulation game developed and produced by Playrix in Russia. After restoring the beauty and grandeur of the garden in the previous game, a number of guests are going to visit, but when you enter the hall of the villa you find the interior is very shabby. The game includes 60 unique interior items and over ...
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  • True Skate
  • True Skate is an extreme game produced by True Axis, the game's graphics are very outstanding, in the powerful 3D technology, the game scene in detail to deal with the real, and the operation is also like the developer initially promised, very easy to get started, players can easily, like "360flip "Smash", "kickflip" and other skateboarding cool tr...
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  • Royal Match
  • Let's play the game of elimination! Royal Match is a simple but challenging game with a lot of levels, just like traditional elimination games, where each level is limited in steps. You will love this game! Royal Race is a casual game with very detailed graphics and rich contents. Players just entering the game can follow the different tasks req...
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  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles Survival is a triple elimination game which is based on the theme of the doomsday. This game combines the simulation of building content. Players can get all kinds of materials and supplies by triple elimination, and then use your strategy to complete the construction, in the process of completing the construction it can provide man...

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  • Cash Frenzy Casino_Free Slots Games
  • Enjoy the ultimate Cash Frenzy casino slots gaming experience! The thrill of real casino gaming is right at your fingertips! Feel the excitement of big wins in your favorite slots! Spin to win progressive jackpots and exclusive bonus games! Instant bonuses every 15 minutes! Turbo bonuses every 3 hours! Cash spins every day! Free coins everywhere an...
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  • THE GAME OF LIFE 2 - More choices, more freedom!
  • THE GAME OF LIFE 2 drives the original version, it’s a classic board game. This is a full no-ads game. Players cannot worry about flashy adverts, in-game currency and pay to win limit. Players can play this game completely for children and adults in a safe environment both online and offline. This game can support more players to play the game on...
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  • The Game of Life 2
  • The Game of Life 2 is a very interesting fun simulation game, you will enter the world of the game to experience a different life, experience the incredible plot story, with the simplest way to complete all the tasks, do not easily reveal their own ability, the game is mainly around the life to continue the simulation theme game, want to make th...

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