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  • King of Avalon: Dominion
  • Avalon King of Avalon: Dominion is a medieval war action game, is the sequel of the King of Avalon, the game graphics are very exquisite, large scenes are also smooth HD, the game is full of this a...

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  • Puzzles & Survival
  • Puzzles Survival is a triple elimination game which is based on the theme of the doomsday. This game combines the simulation of building content. Players can get all kinds of materials and sup...

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  • Evony: The King's Return
  • Evony: The King's Return is a war strategy game developed by TOP GAMES. The game is based on the background of ancient national wars, players can choose 7 different styles of buildings, America, China...
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  • The Escapists:Prison Escape
  • The Escapists:Prison Escape is a game that plays out the real "prison escape" scenario. Developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. In the game, you are caught in a prison...
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  • Top War: Battle Game
  • Battle Game is the first ever strategy merge game! In Top War: The Battle Game, we will combine a simple and easy to learn gameplay with strategy, which is necessary that hardcore players should learn...
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  • Last Shelter: Survival
  • Last Shelter Survival is a cool and exciting 3D doomsday survival game, cool placement management, exciting wargames duel, recruiting legendary heroes, exciting challenges to try to kill, action du...

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  • Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade
  • -You decide the battle strategy Do you want to encircle the map? Or do you want to defend the terrain to defeat the weak? Rise of Kingdoms' unique free marching mechanics will give you a stage for yo...
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  • The Grand Mafia
  • The Grand Mafia is a real-time battle strategy game in which you play the role of a mob boss, you will build your own gang, and then recruit a variety of like-minded people to build a more powerful ar...
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  • War and Order
  • War and Order is a medieval magic war game from Camel Games, which combines RTS and SLG gameplay. The game is developed by unity 3D, whose beautiful graphics even surpass previous similar games. In th...
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  • State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse
  • State of Survival is a zombie-themed post-apocalyptic survival strategy mobile game. The story is about a company called Gigacorp that has developed a deadly weapon that brings great disaster to all m...
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