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War and Order


Updated : November 25, 2021

Version :2.0.24


Developer : Camel Games Limited

Edit Notes
War and Order is a medieval magic war game from Camel Games, which combines RTS and SLG gameplay. The game is developed by unity 3D, whose beautiful graphics even surpass previous similar games. In the game, players have to establish their own kingdom as a lord, develop castles, train their own army, defend the territory, plunder other players' resources, and also unite with partners from different countries around the world to dominate the world and claim the throne. The game can expand the game territory to collect various game resources to grow their own, it has very magnificent army lineup definitely let you shock! In War and Order, players need to lead the army to confront the enemy, the development of their own empire is the fundamental purpose, the game has a variety of soldier can be your choice to upgrade, from the army assembly to say dry very quickly, extremely fast to expand your territory! Castle Building In War and Order, you can recruit over 30 different combat troops, including humans, orcs, elves, dragons and mechanical golems. Build and upgrade a wide variety of buildings to help unite allies and gain more resources. Research new magic and technology for fast cutting edge tactics and weapons! Alliance Battles Fight with allies in the game and chat in real time with players from all over the world. Helping each other will allow you to create and expand your city faster. Gather allies to explore and fight together. Share a variety of alliance technology effects and battle victories with the entire alliance in War and Order! Battle Style Fight in real-time PVP battles on a huge world map! Build strong forces and power in War and Order. Expand alliance territory and annex evil monster territories and enemy castles. Types of missions Attack enemy castles, plunder their resources and achieve the honor of a higher name in the power rankings! Conquer monsters roaming the world map, from evil sprinklers to roaring dragons, and acquire treasures that can boost your power. Empire Development Take over a royal city that can bring you unheard of power and resources! Explore uncharted lands to find elite resources, explorable ruins, and more surprises! Develop your alliances in War and Order, more allies and larger territories will put you in good stead in battle!


Developer Notes
In War and Order, the tribes and kings staged the same reincarnation in each different land, overthrowing, resisting, overthrowing and resisting, the red robe mage and the fire-breathing red dragon also only surrender for the real strong. WAO has gathered a large number of world heroes, they segregated one side, frantically plundering land resources and dedicated them to the king. The king of America, Europe and Asia have already been created, our heroes will face the challenge of millions of lords and hundreds of kings. Who can command the Chinese legions to conquer the enemies? Who can lead the Chinese lords to plant the red flag all over the world?  In War and Order, it pays great attention to the interaction between players, after the player alliance, you can make the building upgrade, technology upgrade, army recruitment more quickly completed through mutual assistance of allies, which to a certain extent increases the mutual knowledge between players, which can better reach a good alliance relationship, the game is very helpful for the late alliance hegemony. The composition of the army includes infantry, cavalry, archers, mages and other professions. In the process of army attack, it can also realize the players between the assists. During the battle time it can continue to increase reinforcements, which makes the battle has more changes in the situation, pay more attention to strategy. Game features: 1.3D High Definition Unity3D is used for the development of War and Order, and the beautiful graphics are the peak of its kind. 2.The first real-time tactical gameplay and more brain-burning strategies Conceive your tactics, call a few allies, and awaken your military command skills. 3.Plundering Resources There is no eternal territory, only constant struggle. Our goal is to "plant our own flag, circle our own land, and make others pay tribute and taxes". 4.Instant translation Communication is no longer a barrier. 7×24 hours, there are always players fighting in the sands and plundering resources. With real-time automatic translation, there will be no more national borders for communication, but only the festival of conquering each other. Game highlights: 1.Newcomers have 3 days protection period Players should make reasonable use of the newcomers period, as soon as possible to grow their own castle, quickly expand the army, upgrade the building. Note that the attack on other players' castles will remove the protective shield! 2.Do more tasks The task to the reward is very generous, more to complete the task for the early development to provide a lot of help. 3.Recruit more troops Because only 3 days of protection, so you must choose expanded armament as the core development in these items. 4.Make full use of the land With the upgrade of the castle, later you will unlock more land, so the initial land to try to use. 5.Research technology Technology research can improve efficiency, both in terms of internal affairs and military, the development of science and technology should be non-stop. 6.Join a strong alliance The alliance store can also exchange some very useful props. There are also lovely allies to help you get through the newbie period safely. After joining the alliance, remember to move into the alliance territory! 7.Reasonable use of diamonds The first time you join the alliance and some important tasks will give players diamonds, diamonds can buy some very important props, but pay attention to reasonable use. 8.The reasonable use of props The game's task play will reward some props, such as acceleration props, protective shield, etc., some large props can be left to the development of the period of use.
How to play
In War and Order, the army is the most direct and effective way to increase combat power. The factors that affect the strength of the army are mainly in the level and number of soldiers. Therefore, if we want to increase our own level of strength as much as possible, the most direct way is to build troops. However, we should be careful not to blindly increase the number of troops and ignore the rank of soldiers. Firstly, there is a big difference between high level and low level soldiers, and a large number of low level soldiers against a small number of high level soldiers will not necessarily be advantageous. Secondly, it is also a waste of resources to build low-level soldiers, which can't keep up with the pace of everyone's fortress. The building in this game can be said to be a role that is usually easy to ignore, but in many cases gives us a lot of combat power. The actual building upgrade is a relatively easy and less costly form, in each building upgrade at the same time, we will get a variable amount of combat power. However, in the later stages, building boosts require more resources and take longer, and cannot be used as the main form of battle power boosting. Science and research boosting is a more implicit, but very useful way to improve actual combat ability. Technology can improve the overall number of troops and values such as attack and defense, and the attributes that can be improved with a high level of scientific research are very substantial.

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