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Ultimate Custom Night


Updated : May 16, 2020

Version :1.0.3


Developer : Clickteam,LLC


Get Ultimate Custom Night

For reference, The game download websites are all approved, which is from Google Play ,App Store, Amazon and APK website.There are no viruses and malware. Please feel safe to get it.

Edit Notes

Ultimate Custom Night is a very good game, suspense and horror atmosphere are great, when you first play look at the painting style and the beginning of the feeling is not like suspense games, but after a big contrast, this game uses a very realistic game graphics design, can put the player into the game, realistic experience the game of fear, at the same time, all new game plot let you Play enough at once, more suitable for the bold little ones to play, there are friends who like to download and experience it quickly.

Developer Notes

Ultimate Custom Night is a horror survival game developed and produced by Scott Cawthon, the sequel to Teddy Bear's Five Night's Harem Pizza Shop Simulator and the prequel to Teddy Bear's Five Night's Harem: Need Help, released on Steam on June 27, 2018. Ultimate Custom Night is a horror thriller that is also the sequel to Teddy Bear's Five-Night Harem and the only 2 pseudo-homage works in the Teddy Bear's Five-Night Harem series. Players will play a night security, through reasonable operation to avoid the dolls and survive to 6 points victory, the work in a total of 50 dolls AI can be freely adjusted, players can get high scores by defeating more dolls. In this work, there is a long-standing controversy, that is: the player manipulation of the security guard is not the "teddy bear's five nights harem" the whole series of the culprit: the purple man. Through death dialogues and pass dialogues or eggs and other aspects of everywhere guess, the security guard may be the man in purple. For example, the death dialogue of the Halloween Dream Devil Chica: "I came to say hello to you for the flame as well as the person you should not kill." And Freddy the Dream Devil: "I was brought back to life by a man, but that man was not you, but a man you should not have killed." The man in purple has killed many children, probably including the one "you should not kill." From this, it is inferred that the security guard in the game is probably the man in purple. The "Teddy Bear's Five Night Harem Ultimate Custom Night" is the "person you shouldn't kill" to create a hell for the Purple Man, infinite torture of the Purple Man. Game Features -Serial production of the classic series. -Customizable characters and difficulty. -Interpretation of cartoon horror to the fullest. -Rich sound effects and splash screen horror.

1, there will be a large number of different thriller plot, simulation of the painting style is very diverse.

2, complete challenge after challenge, how many hundreds of different thematic challenges can be unlocked.

3, unlock more skin, there are a variety of different plot experience, complete more simulation.

4、Complete each challenge, resist the attack of those killers.

5, classic Halloween equipment image, a large number of different strategic challenge screen.

6, with a lot of different plot simulation, find a way they like to challenge.

How to play

1, After the start within a scene, may be within a few seconds by the toys sent to scare and end the game, but do not be discouraged and anxious, because this will keep you from experiencing the subsequent content, and you just need to manage the two sides of this house gates can be safe for a period of time. 2, This game is the same is to survive five nights, in the upper right corner, you will see a display of time, that is the laws of time within the game, followed by the lower right corner


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