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Toon Blast


Updated : October 1, 2021

Version :7460


Developer : Peak


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Edit Notes

Toon Blast is an anime-style elimination game. In the game players can eliminate the game summary of the items to get more rewards, the game to create more than 100 + difficult levels for players to continuously choose and break through, and constantly unlock the powerful cartoon Q cute characters, and constantly unlock more puzzle levels. It has over 2000 elimination levels and 50 levels are updated every two weeks. Players can unlock a new level by eliminating various blocks and use various aids to pass the level smoothly. The condition of "Toon Blast" is to eliminate the given color corresponding to the number of smoothly, and two can be eliminated, more eliminate more points! Complete tons of challenges and unlock new episodes! Play with unique game objectives and dozens of entertaining obstacles! Create your own team and compete with others to rule the masonry world! Receive life from your teammates and play again! Easily sync the game between your phone and tablet! Simple and fun to play but challenging to master! Unlock grotesque boosters and blast your way to a new level! Collect stars by completing levels to earn awesome rewards!

Developer Notes

Toon Blast is a puzzle and casual elimination game with animation style. The players will experience the puzzle elimination, and complete corresponding levels and game tasks by the classic elimination, players can exchange to unlock all kinds of different characters and skins. The players can get more rewards by eliminating the game summary of items.This game creates more than 100+ high difficulty levels for players to constantly choose and break through, Continuously unlocking powerful cartoon Q-moe characters, and constantly unlocking more puzzle levels.The ultimate puzzle game from the makers of Toy Blast, unique gameplay and endless fun! Enter the crazy cartoon world of Cooper starring Cat, Wally Wolfe, Bruno Bear and enjoy the grotesque and challenging level loads! Explode multidimensional data sets and create powerful combos to deliver the levels. Solve the puzzles and help the Newcastle gang as they travel around the world in wonder!

Game features

1. The players need to complete tons of challenges and unlock the new episodes.

2. The players can unlock the booster.

3. The players can collect stars by wining the rewards of “awesome”.

4. The players can create teams, and compete with others to rule the world.


If you want to pass the game, you should eliminate the given color corresponding to the number of smoothly, by the way, two stars can be eliminated. More elimination, more scores!


What are lives? How should I do to acquire them?

When the game begins, you have five lives. If you can not beat the level, you will lose one life. But don’t worry about it. Toon Blast will give you a free life every 30 minutes. So you can recover the five lives as soon as possible.

You can also ask your teammates for five free lives, and then you can use them anytime.

When you click “Ask for life” button in team menu, this request will be sent to your team, each teammates can give you a free life! It is totally free to give a life for your teammates. In fact, you can get the free gold by helping each other out.

You can buy a life by using your gold.

How to play

Toon Blast is a level based puzzle game, where you need to complete the goals of each level to progress within the game Tap two or more cubes of the same color to blast them and help complete the goals Combine a number cubes to create powerful special items such as the Rocket, Bomb and Disco Ball to clear the obstacles and reach the level goal You can also combine these special items for bigger combos and blast your way to success You have a limited number of moves for each level, so plan each move accordingly


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