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Slay the Spire


Updated : April 6, 2021

Version :2.2.8


Developer : Humble Games


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Edit Notes

Slay the Spire" is a strategy card game, using turn-based combat system, the game provides assassins, warriors and other professions for you to choose, different professions have different career cards, the way of fighting is also different, you can also change the deck to make the same profession into a variety of forms, the game provides hundreds of different cards for players to freely choose, giving you a high degree of freedom to make the battle more The game provides hundreds of different cards for players to choose freely, giving you a high degree of freedom to make the battle more interesting. In addition, the game also adds props settings, different props will produce different effects, the combination of these effects will also cards will help you destroy monsters more easily.

Developer Notes

Slay the Spire game is divided into warriors, assassins and other professions, players can choose their professions according to their preferences, of course, depending on the combination of the deck, the same profession can also play a lot of new tricks!

Players will play as an adventurer to the dungeon adventure, you will encounter a variety of monsters and powerful bosses, use your deck to defeat them!

The player's deck is divided into attack cards, skill cards, ability cards, etc. Before each battle starts, the player can make a card change to replace the unneeded cards, because the player can see the monster's next turn action in advance, so that the battle can be prepared in advance and make it smoother.

In addition to a wealth of cards, Slay the Spire also adds a variety of props for players to experience, different props have different effects, allowing players to fight in a more diverse way!

If you like card games and enjoy the process of winning with strategy, Slay the Spire is a game worth trying!

How to play

For this more strategy and randomness-oriented game, players need to understand more about the operation 1, determine the development route. Ability cards and relics are the core. Most schools of thought group cards around two or three ability cards and a relic. The first big level to get the first core card or relic. 2, the basic offensive and defensive are all redundant, can throw one is one, encounter merchants priority to deal with. Determine the route before only take the general use of


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