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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade


Updated : September 29, 2021

Version :


Developer : LilithGames


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Edit Notes

-You decide the battle strategy Do you want to encircle the map? Or do you want to defend the terrain to defeat the weak? Rise of Kingdoms' unique free marching mechanics will give you a stage for your strategic talents to flourish! In the great battles of history, no general has ever "called it a day"! Siege cities, seize resource points, and destroy enemy troops in the field. General's route of attack is up to you, and reinforcements between allies can even play the enemy in the palm of your hand. - Legendary commanders, help players dominate the world Legendary generals from all over the world will appear in Rise of Kingdoms! Caesar, Cao Cao, and Jeanne d'Arc and more, great commanders who are remembered and celebrated in the history books of various countries, are waiting for you to recruit them! Each commander is based on historical prototypes, restoring the character's appearance and voice. Each commander is based on historical prototypes, restored character appearance and voice acting. The heroes' skills are specially designed with reference to historical achievements, making you feel as if you have really become a civilized consul with "thousands of good generals and strong soldiers". Heroes create legends, or legends make heroes? Come and create a hero combination loyal to you! - Infinite zoom, the whole map situation is under control The first infinitely zooming operation method, from macro world map, mesoscopic nearby situation, to micro city map, only two fingers can seamlessly zoom, silky smooth operation feel, enjoy the world in the palm of your hand to plan the super cool feeling! The unparalleled 3D high-definition picture quality, the simulation of the fog of war needs to be slowly uncovered, send out your scouts, enjoy the thrill of exploring the world! - Build your own city layout with freedom A prosperous city is the foundation of a civilization's survival, and with the freedom to plan city buildings in Rise of Kingdoms, each player will be able to create a unique city layout. Depending on the civilization, the buildings in the city will have completely different styles. The walking inhabitants, the lights that are lit at night, the soldiers that patrol the walls at all times, a city that stands the test of time will be the start of your legend! - Expedition gameplay, show your brilliant strategy Slide your finger, command the commander, and fight on multiple lines of troops Don't know how to deploy troops on the battlefield when you first take charge of a civilization? Don't be afraid, there are 70 PVE levels with different designs waiting for you to challenge! Use your commanders to match the most suitable types of troops and defeat the enemy in the expeditionary projection, not only to gain full experience in battle, but also to get a variety of rich rewards such as experience books, resource packs, acceleration props.

Developer Notes

When you open any history book, there will be no content that makes Roman Caesar, French Jeanne d'Arc or Chinese Sun Tzu fight side by side. But in the discussion of "The Awakening of the Nations" players, stories like "Caesar battles Jeanne d'Arc" are commonplace ......

The build-and-build and real-time strategy game genre is a favorite on the PC, but the genre doesn't do well on cell phones. The gameplay is relatively hardcore and the audience is relatively limited, so it's not easy to be eye-catching.

Awakening of the Nations is a multiplayer online real-time war strategy game developed by Chengdu Le Dog and published by Lilith Games, which is easily reminiscent of Lilith's previous title Sword & Home. The Awakening of Nations contains elements of SLG and MOBA gameplay, with a complete economic system and a free map marching mechanism, plus a huge number of real players, this feeling of playing a game of Age of Empires with tens of thousands of people seems to build a very interesting gameplay.

Most games with the same theme count on a few Kryptonian bigwigs to spend huge amounts of money to build a powerful nation that no one can beat, but from past experience, Lilith is especially good at balancing gameplay and payment, and "The Awakening of Nations" is not just a route to serve a few Kryptonians.

Civilizations are different, and the heroes of the military types are in line with historical facts

The first choice players make in the game is to choose a civilization. Compared with the overhead camp setting, the game adopts a human civilization setting that is closer to real history, and the current version has 11 civilizations.

How to play

Similar to most strategy games, the early experience of "Awakening of the Nations" is more focused on the economic ratio. You can open a city and build infrastructure as you like. The game's guidance system is quite detailed, involving construction, resources, recruiting, exploration, combat and other aspects of the content, may be familiar with this type of game players feel quite verbose, but even for players who have not been exposed to the same type of game, there is no threshold t


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