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Pokémon GO


Updated : September 30, 2021

Version :0.219.1

Size:Varies with device

Developer : Niantic, Inc.


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For reference, The game download websites are all approved, which is from Google Play ,App Store, Amazon and APK website.There are no viruses and malware. Please feel safe to get it.

Edit Notes

Pokémon Go is a social networking game, a game that implements a combination of outdoor sports and in-game content, allowing you to join in this elf-catching fun anytime, anywhere!

In the game, you can catch the pokemon and then play against each other. You need to keep a certain distance from the pixies to interact with them. You can also go on foot to explore the area where you are and play the game.

There are some clever settings in the game. For example, if you want to find a water pokemon, then you need to go to a river or a lake. Also, there are plenty of arenas in public areas or churches where you can get free items through Pokemon stores, which are generally located in iconic local places.

In the game, you can also turn on the GPS function and use the virtual reality function to capture the "surrounding" pets. The more elves you catch as an elf trainer, the more experience points you gain and the more powerful you will become, so you can have the opportunity to catch more powerful and rare elves. Although the game did not reveal how low the chances of legendary elves appear, but also mentioned that events will be held in different cities to allow players to catch such elves more easily.

Developer Notes

It’s not just another Pokémon game – it is a glimpse into the future of widely accessible augmented reality. But the main appeal of the free-to-play Pokémon Go is how being out in the real world, finding tons of other people who see the same augmented reality you do, brings the sort of intangible dream of Pokémon to life. It has already inspired countless players to go outside and explore their neighbourhoods, travel to historic landmarks, kayak to the middle of lakes to battle Gym Leaders with friends, and meet new people. The real fun comes from heading out on to the streets to see what different sorts of Pokémon having been lying low in the rustling grass of local neighbourhoods. Some reports have indicated that journeying beyond your own street is the key to finding rarer types of Pokémon. Player can place a lure at any PokéStop, a Pokémart-proxy for the game, which also offer items such as Pokéballs and Health Potions to trainers. Lure increases the number of Pokémon that will show up. The cool thing about them is that they lure people in addition to Pokémon. Wanting to catch Pokémon means more lures, which keeps the community alive. It’s one of the smartest design choices in Pokémon Go. That drive and incentive to catch ‘em all keeps player walking and venturing out of their way to catch even more Pokémon. All of this, even if it’s not too complicated, encourages more walking around, which it keeps everyone playing and encountering each other. That in turn feeds the real-world aspect that makes Pokémon Go special. However, Pokémon Go’s biggest weaknesses are more a matter of the features it doesn’t yet have. There’s no trading, no player-versus-player battles (you only fight automated Pokémon left to defend Gyms), no friends list, no leaderboards, and no in-app social capability of any kind. Some of these features are underway, but as of now, the most interesting thing about Pokémon Go is not its gameplay but how its design encourages personal connections with other real-world players by physically bringing us together as we all chase common goals. Collecting is fun for a while, but without more things to do with those Pokémon or my Trainer profile, it feels a little empty at times. Right now, Pokémon Go is an incredible, can’t-miss social experience — like Pokémon is actually real and everyone is on board — but its RPG mechanics and combat don’t have nearly enough depth to support itself in the long term. If people start to lose interest due to its lack of depth once the novelty of seeing Pokémon pop up around their everyday lives expires, the community will fall apart and the spell will be broken. What Pokémon Go needs is more features to support that real-world interaction. Things like Pokémon trading and leaderboards, which developer Niantic says are incoming, could keep that momentum up. Even if it will be short-lived, though, there’s no doubt it’s exciting to be a part of while it lasts.

How to play

Pokémon Go game with the help of AR technology + GPS positioning, players just need to take the phone, walk down the street, you can find out the pokemon located around you, and capture them, upgrade, or enter the dojo to battle. Specifically, is when you open the game to enable the map and positioning function, the game will be in the camera real-time shooting screen superimposed on a variety of pixies, these sprites may be hidden anywhere, you need to do, just walk around with the phone and f


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