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Pocket City


Updated : May 31, 2020

Version :1.1.355


Developer : Codebrew Games

Edit Notes
Pocket City is a simulation class management and construction game, cartoon style graphics scene, very beautiful game world, to give players the best experience, multi-interesting gameplay can bring the game a wonderful adventure, a variety of challenges will also bring different feelings in the game, I believe you can become the virtual world of the master builder, and constantly develop new projects, and strive to make their own city Management to become stronger. You will become the mayor and take responsibility for shaping the entire city. You can constantly expand the area, build up residential, commercial and industrial areas, open up more business routes, create the most prosperous town, achieve your goals in life, etc. You can also create more entertainment facilities in the game to make your citizens more satisfied. The game also allows you to create more entertainment facilities to satisfy your citizens.


Developer Notes
Pocket City is a placement simulation game with rich construction elements, players are free to build your own personal city, you need to ensure the normal needs of the residents, so that the city can be prosperous operation, you can also visit other players' cities to learn from experience. Build your own city as the new mayor. Build residential, commercial and industrial areas. Build parks and recreation areas. Deal with crime and disasters. Watch your city come alive! No microtransactions or long waiting times! Everything is unlocked and rewarded through gameplay. City Builder re-imagines the classic city building simulation game. Tornadoes and volcanoes have their counterparts . Features. - Build a unique city by creating areas and special buildings - Trigger interesting events such as block parties or disasters like tornadoes - Complete missions to earn XP and money - Unlock advanced buildings by upgrading them - Unlock new lands with different terrain types - Succeed by optimizing cash flow, traffic, happiness, etc. - Enjoy a vibrant city with citizens, vehicles, animals and animated buildings - Upload your city to the cloud to transfer to other devices or share with friends - Intuitive, touch-based city architecture - Playable offline - Play in portrait mode or landscape mode - No microtransactions The game in Pocket City will post a number of tasks for players to complete, and there will be plenty of rewards waiting for you. The game requires players to work on planning the infrastructure of their city and you also have to plan the traffic of the city. There are many things you need to consider, and it's not easy to be a good mayor, so try it yourself and you'll understand how hard it is. One of the advantages of this game is that it is quick and easy to upload and download archives.Players are not only free to make food, but also to decorate the restaurant; the intuitive city building style allows players to create cities with simple operations.At each stage, players will be assessed and rated by professionals; events such as block parties or disasters such as tornadoes will test your ability as mayor.Becoming the mayor of a city is your ultimate goal, and you'll need to complete a number of different challenges in either vertical or horizontal mode to achieve the most comfortable gameplay.
How to play
1, Block parties or disasters such as tornadoes and other events will test your ability as mayor; optimize your cash flow, traffic, happiness, etc. to achieve success 2, Intuitive city building style allows players to create cities with simple actions; enjoy dynamic cities with citizens, vehicles, animals and animated buildings 3.,The most comfortable gameplay is achieved in portrait or landscape mode.

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