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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Updated : April 13, 2019

Version :2.00


Developer : Rockstar North


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For reference, The game download websites are all approved, which is from Google Play ,App Store, Amazon and APK website.There are no viruses and malware. Please feel safe to get it.

Edit Notes

Players take on the role of the game character, Carl Johnson, with life and hunger levels. He can be equipped with a variety of weapons, but also by eating food to change the size of the body. The player can play basketball, buy clothes, get a haircut, get a tattoo, do graffiti and fall in love; he can also drive an ambulance to save lives, be a casino mogul, a cop, a fireman and run a bar.

Carl Johnson: The main character, the character controlled by the player in the game. He is the brother of Sweet, Kendall, Brian's brother, Beverly's second son, one of the senior figures of the Grove Street family gang, nicknamed "CJ", is also a "murderer". Five years ago because of the death of his brother Brian, to escape the pressure of the jungle, and came to live in Liberty City, where Carl and Salvatore's son Joey together to steal a car will happen raw?

The game's combat to be more complex than before, close combat accounted for a considerable position, you can learn new fighting moves by participating in boxing tournaments and other methods. Some guys with quick hands will also dodge and jump on your car when you hit him. If you often use a certain weapon will have more power, regular exercise in the gym can also improve stamina and agility.

 In addition to flying cars and gun battles, more fresh elements have been added. You will encounter various mini-games, participate in street basketball tournaments, play billiards and even have dancing games will appear.

Developer Notes

The graphics combine the styles of both Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto: Sin City. The graphics style is as plain and elegant as Grand Theft Auto 3, with more cool colors. In terms of light and shadow effects, the control of realm depth and distance is better, and the glow of sunset and neon is more dazzling. The shadows formed after the reflection of light from buildings and city facilities, and the stretching shading produced by cars or people passing by are well handled. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas uses a linear mission system with a high degree of freedom, players can choose to rob, drug trafficking to expand the power of the gang; can be delivered, to earn money; can be violent to solve everything, peace and quiet to complete the task.

How to play

The game features a variety of different gang members roaming around their gang areas in groups, attacking the player character if they are a rival gang, and helping the player as much as possible if they are a friendly gang. In the game, players are given vehicles, motorcycles, planes, tankes and ships as vehicles. The vehicles themselves have durability, collision volume, and have a corresponding passenger capacity. When the player character is in the vehicle, all attacks will be borne by the


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