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Destiny Run


Updated : September 22, 2021

Version :1.4


Developer : VOODOO


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For reference, The game download websites are all approved, which is from Google Play ,App Store, Amazon and APK website.There are no viruses and malware. Please feel safe to get it.

Edit Notes

Destiny Run is a very fun action game, players need to complete the corresponding tasks according to the game tips, the game is rich in content, simple gameplay, players can easily get started, and players can become angels or demons, do something they want to do, there is a lot of fun in the game, go to the game to explore it. Choose your destiny and make your life choices. Be an angel or a demon! Go to heaven or go to hell! Be a good person or a naughty person! Become a celebrity or a student, an impostor or a doctor, rich or poor; it doesn't matter to them! There is only one important judgment: mercy or evil. Divine justice calls to you!

Developer Notes

Destiny Run is a fun casual breakout game, Destiny Run is a well-made, simple and easy to use game. Players in Destiny Run game can become angels or demons, the game has a variety of traps and difficulties, you can change form to solve these difficulties.

Destiny Run is a parkour game in which players will run in various scenes, need to avoid various obstacles and traps on the road in time, and collect various props along the way.

Destiny Run's graphics are more refined and realistic than Voodoo's previous products. The character's shape is more realistic in detail, and the props in the scene come with dazzling flashing effects, and the details of various obstacles and gaining props are also made more detailed. In addition to the details of the optimization. In the evolution of the role of the game also made an attempt, the role in the level can be collected through the props to change the shape, whether it is an angel or a demon, each category provides three different degrees of transformation of the shape, the highest level is comparable to the real angel or demon.

Game features

1、See the random props on the road. If you meet them, don't miss them

2、Check the distant road condition is very important in order to be prepared in advance

3、Control the character to be able to move flexibly, every step needs to be extra careful

Game highlights

1、Fun action parkour game can be played at any time, a game of easy challenge, quickly reach the end

2、Decide your own fate, feel the new map adventure, the challenge here is very exciting

3、Show your skills to break through the new test, a rich variety of levels waiting for you to enjoy playing

How to play

The gameplay of "Destiny Run" adopts the classic action parkour gameplay, players in the level with the collection of angel or demon energy growth, gradually metamorphosis of three different divine ability, and the appearance of the character with the increase in the number of metamorphosis also gradually luxurious, when the player's character metamorphosis of wings, you can get at the bottom of the level to double the number of rewards. The abundant wings ability can even help players to double the number of times to as much as 100 times.


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