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Coin Master


Updated : October 5, 2021

Version :3.5.480

Size:Varies with device

Developer : Moon Active


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For reference, The game download websites are all approved, which is from Google Play ,App Store, Amazon and APK website.There are no viruses and malware. Please feel safe to get it.

Edit Notes

Coin Master is a cartoon style casual adventure game, the game players play pirates, play the game with friends, in the game can create their own village, and then develop the economy, the game has a variety of ways to play, each game will have a different way to play, enter the game, will be disguised as a pirate, and began to plunder the wealth of other playing villages, each conquest of a village, the The more generous the reward will be. Of course, others can also come to your village to get wealth. Accumulate a large number of coins to form a powerful pirate kingdom, invite friends to come together to grab resources, conquer the world, in the game by rotating the wheel to randomly obtain a variety of weapons, resources, thus enhancing the effect of sneak attacks, construction of villages, players in the game can create their own village, and then develop the economy. Hurry up to experience it!

Developer Notes

Coin master is a free, single-player, casual mobile game created by Israeli studio Moon Active. Coin Master is taking the world by storm. The game was actually developed in 2010 but since the new trailer was released mid last year it’s gone viral on social media and in particular on Facebook. It has had over 100 million downloads as of February 2021. 

Coin Master is an iOS/Android app where players spin slot machines to win coins, shields and weapons so that they can attack and raid villages and build their viking village. The characters travel through time and magical lands building their village to be the best pirate, hippie, king, warrior or viking. There are no in-game chat features but the game does link out to a Facebook group where people can connect with each other.

Players collect ‘spins’ as they progress throughout the game. When you have amassed enough you can spend them to spin a slot machine. This allows you to win coins (the ultimate goal), attacks, raids, shields or more spins.

The coins that you earn from playing the slot machine allow you to build and upgrade your village which allows you to win stars and progress up the leaderboard. The attacks and raids awarded by the slot machine feature allow you to attack other players’ villages to raid for more coins. It should be noted that the graphics aren’t violent or bloody in nature when raiding the village.

Although the game is cartoon style in nature and the App Store gives it an age rating of 12+ which means it’s suitable for teenage only. It also notes that there is “Frequent/Intense Simulated Gambling”. As a parent, you need to be very careful to make an informed decision as to whether you should let your children play.

There are a couple of features on which every parent must keep an eye on.

Coin Master is safe for kids as there are no sexual related features inside the game. Although, there is a little risk of Profile Pictures of other gamers which might contain “Sexual Content”. Your kid might watch some unwanted profile pictures during raids and slot machine.

While the game itself is free players are encouraged to buy more with actual money in the game to help the earning coins process.

Cyber Addiction means you need to watch out for time spent on the game. When you run out of spins the game encourages you to continue playing the game for a litter longer. Five free spins are given each hour, which means that it can take several hours to generate enough coins to buy the next building for your village. Coin Master has already classified a high addictive game and its surely not suitable for kids. No parent will love watching their kids playing Coin Master for hours.

 To summarize, Coin Master is essentially a virtual slot machine and it involves spinning a wheel to win coins. As gambling is an adult theme, explore this before your child plays.


How to play

Spin the reels to win loot. Spin the reels to drop good luck fortunes, which may be attack time, loot, shields or raids. If you hit a gold coin or gold bag, you win loot so you can build a powerful village and level up through the game. Winning gold is not the only way to get loot, you can also steal it! Attack or raid friends and enemies to save enough loot to build your own village. Fight back and defeat your enemies. Take revenge on those who have attacked your village and reclaim everything


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