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Updated : August 26, 2021

Version :2.8.7


Developer : Anthony E. Pratt


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Edit Notes

Cluedo is a detective series of board puzzle games, players who like this kind of game can download to try, definitely give you a different experience!

In this game you need to become a truth hunter! Super diverse game scenes and a variety of puzzle clues waiting for you to solve, 3D engine to create high-definition graphics, delicate character scene modeling to bring players the most realistic puzzle environment. The game's anime style interface design scheme increases the fun of the game, character design is more different from other games fun; diverse map selection, new online multiplayer mode, who can solve the riddle of the map in the specified time? Who is the real king of puzzle solving? 

The road to the truth is very difficult, but as long as you can collect clues and make reasonable logical reasoning, then the truth is in front of your eyes!

Developer Notes

The game has six character cards, six murder weapon cards, and nine room cards. At the beginning, one of each card is randomly selected as the truth of the case and placed in a top secret file bag in the center of the map.

The rest of the cards are shuffled to six players each dealt three, each player takes a piece and plays six characters in the room, each room, the player must reason, the way is who killed someone in this room with what, then start with your next player, if he has a card of one of the three elements you said, then he must show one of them to you, if not, then his next player to show you. Until one player shows it to you, you can take notes, and then your next player makes his move.

Through your own reasoning and observation of other people's reasoning, the fastest person to discover the truth lives to win, and if you declare the case closed but it is not right, you quit the game.

Diverse small story approach to the game to present a more exciting variety, the storyline is more different to your interpretation more interesting;

Look for clues to events, little by little to help solve the mystery, little by little to explore the actual situation of the puzzle.

How to play

To win the game, you must roll the dice to move through the mansion and ask questions to find out who killed Dr. Black, what the cause was, and where the murder scene was. In the house valve, you can ask a question about the room, or you can bluff your way through by suggesting you have a certain card in your hand, narrowing the responses you get and confusing the other players. But beware, other players may bluff too! Your own character can be the killer, so don't be afraid to question yoursel


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