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Call of Duty:Black Ops Zombies


Updated : December 20, 2016

Version :1.0.11


Developer : Activision Publishing, Inc.


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Edit Notes

CallofDutyZombies is a simulation game that allows you to experience the rapid destruction of zombies, various types of weapons, super exciting battle effects, various types of zombies, very powerful, ultra-realistic graphics, smooth operability, always so like, the interface features, very powerful, skilled mastery of combat skills to get the ultimate victory, go all out! The challenge.

Developer Notes

Call of DutyBlack Ops Zombies game uses a different response to defeat them, to experience the real remote doomsday, a variety of weapons to choose from, a hat and can save your life in a pinch protective clothing, diligent survival!

The main feature of the game is that you need to deal with microorganisms are not just zombies without human brains, their human bodies are transformed with time, they are getting more and more robust.

Even encounter more serious risks must not give up, often see the glory of the end of the road, become the strongest, save the home.

Zombies have long evolved newer deadly working abilities, and many types of zombies must be consistently strong for the game player to be able to solve.

A lot of zombies will invade your city, and now it's you to fend off such foolish zombies, before they rush to destroy your home.

How to play

1、Each map exists independently, although it is seamless, but the operation is super smooth and wonderful;. 2, sniping all the enemies, generate powerful equipment, target your opponents, cool fighting gameplay to enjoy the surprise;. 3, different weapons duel, dazzling clothing with, with your friends to form the perfect lineup, active attack wonderful combat. 1、Epic battle strife, a super exciting combination of reality and virtual combat atmosphere, to create a realistic battlefield. 2, m


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