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Arrow Fest


Updated : October 5, 2021

Version :2.5


Developer : Rollic Games

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Edit Notes

Arrowfest is an action game in which the player is an archer who must strengthen himself to defeat the bosses, and it is up to the player to choose whether to add or multiply his companions on the road. Control a free flying bow and arrow, on the track through a wall marked with mathematical algorithms, so that the number of your bow and arrow multiplied, so that you can successfully destroy the enemies in the way, and as much as possible to make the number of arrows become more, at the end of the level there will be a large wave of enemies to block you. In this game there are a lot of props for you to use, players in this game will try a very exciting breakthrough. A large number of levels for you to challenge, a lot of fun equipment can be unlocked, and many character skins can be unlocked directly. Each breakthrough is a challenge, very test the player's hand speed and reaction ability, the play is also more bloodthirsty and exciting.

Developer Notes

Arrow Fest game is a fun parkour game where players control flying arrows and increase their number of arrows through a series of gains. Players should pay attention to the numbers on the gains. Avoiding the red ones will give you a negative impact. Keep collecting arrows, fight with powerful enemies and avoid obstacles and traps. The game is easy to operate and fun to play. You can use many props and use them smartly to get through the difficult levels.


Arrow Fest Game Introduction

1,  It can be said to be the most suitable for killing time arcade game.


2, It also likes the game set up, easy to pass in no way.


3, There are many kinds of skins , but also the adventure game to complete the dress up game.


Arrow Fest game features

1、Just swipe left and right to control your flying arrows;


2, Through the best arrow door, so you can get more arrows in the game;


3, A variety of special levels, and a large amount of gold and fancy flying arrow skin.


Arrow Fest game content

1, From the game content belongs to the parkour game, is a different kind of parkour.


2, The game is very playable, handicapped party can also be very enjoyable to play, the game's physical anti-addiction is a very good design.


3, The game is a skin and daily task mechanism, and constantly break through the upgrade to unlock more ways to play!


Arrow Fest game advantages

1、Each level can use the arrow to carry out different challenges, play easy to relieve stress.


2、A variety of arrows for you to choose, gorgeous special effects and a new look, it will look more powerful.


3, Players can drag your arrows by long pressing the interface, release your finger to play.

Arrow Fest game highlights

1、A variety of different game scenes are very beautiful, a variety of graphics is also very high-definition.


2, Rich game strategy gameplay, players can use a variety of ways to break through and adventure.


3, A variety of different a game play is very diverse, the player can feel free.

How to play

1. You can have multiple arrows game, the game rules are simple to understand, the control way is easy to learn. 2. In our game, players only need to slide the screen left and right, you can control your flying arrows to move. 3. Cross the best arrow door, increase the number of your flying arrows, destroy the end of the enemy and the giant, win a lot of gold.

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